Susan Smith

Clinical Research Coordinator: Cardiothoracic Surgery Program, The Prince Charles Hospital

Susan Smith is contributing to the Ethical Governance of Human Research Data in the Age of Genomics Workshop. Susan is the Clinical Research Coordinator for the Cardiothoracic Surgery program at The Prince Charles Hospital. She has 30 years’ experience as a hospital scientist including in therapeutic tissue transplantation; basic, clinical, and health services research and education; managing clinical registers in support of Audit and Research. Her focus has been to facilitate evidence-based decision making in clinical practice and motivate innovation through better use of our data resources. She is a qualified epidemiologist, a Fellow of the Australian College of Health Informatics, a Certified Health Informatician of Australia and has been Vice Chair/ Chair of the Qld branch of the Health Informatics Society of Australia for 10 years.

Susan Smith, BSc (Hons), MEpi, FACHI, CHIA