Jeremy Kenner

Expert Advisor For Ethics, NHMRC

Jeremy Kenner is the Expert Advisor for Ethics to the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Evidence, Advice and Governance Branch. At NHMRC, he is responsible for or contributes to a broad range of programs and projects related to health and research ethics and governance of research and provides advice internally and externally on these matters. Prior to his current role, Jeremy served as Ethics Coordinator at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for nine years. Earlier in his career, Jeremy worked as a school teacher, practiced law and conducted public education and research in bioethics in the United States. Academically, Jeremy has degrees in Anthropology, Theology and Law. On a personal note, Jeremy has roots in both the United States and Canada, resulting in a bit of a split personality and obsessive attention to political news from North America. He seeks therapy for this disorder at the Bay of Fires in Tasmania whenever possible.